Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knowing When To Let Go

Knowing When To Let Go
For many of my clients finding a new nanny is more daunting and painful than undergoing root canal surgery. In my role, I am often asked my opinion on whether or not to keep a nanny on at certain pivotal points in the life cycle of the relationship.

Some parents out of fear will hold on even when they know that it is time to move on. How does a parent know when it is time to transition out of one arrangement and into another? Here are are some helpful tips or questions to raise.

1. Has your nanny expressed interest in ending? If so, it is unwise to pressure someone to stay on when they have decided that they want to end.

2.Are your nanny's strengths more aligned with the stages and needs of infancy? If so perhaps your toddler is ready for a nanny more adept at working with toddlers.

3. Are you experiencing constant issues that are not getting resolved? Every relationship has some conflict but if your relationship has become conflict-habituated it is probably time to terminate.

4. Are your children unhappy? Chemistry is important If your nanny has not bonded with one of your children it might be wise to make a change.

5. Are you seeking certain changes in the job description and responsibilities that do not play to your current nanny's skill set and interests? Make sure that your nanny is really interested and invested in this change.

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