Friday, June 12, 2009

Balancing Act

American Nanny Matters is pleased to present a guest blogger-Nanny Thresa. She would welcome any comments or suggestions as she works on balancing the three most important roles in her life. We welcome other guest bloggers and invite nannies, parents and other contributers to send their ideas to

Thresa Saenz

Trying to balance my roles as a Nanny, Wife and Mom.

So for the first 3 ½ years of my daughters life I was a SAHM. Then after that I had to go back to work as a Nanny. I put my daughter in part time preschool. Now she is full time and ready for Kindergarten. I became a Nanny because One, I love children and it's what I'm good at and two, because, if I need to, I can bring my daughter with me. My problem is achieving balance and separating work and home.

My husband complains that I talk about my charges too much.This is probably true but it's not like working in an office. It is an emotional job with joys and frustrations and little victories that feel huge especially when working with special needs children. I'm not good at compartmentalizing but at the same time I don't want my daughter to hear me and feel lost thinking I care more for my charges.

I find that I have worst of a SAHM and a Working Mom. As a working Mom I have all the guilt associated with not spending as much time with my daughter.I also have the frustration of a SAHM as in not feeling like you accomplished something at the end of the day or not being able to have a normal conversation with an adult for long periods of time.

I come home from work wiped out being with kids all day. I try to have energy to play with my daughter ,make dinner, do homework, give daughter shower and still have time to shower myself while not neglecting my husband. How do you find the balance?

I want to be the best MOM , WIFE and Nanny is it possible?

Got any great tips? How do you make sure your children feel special when you are always taking care of other children? How can I turn my Nanny brain off before I get home?

-Nanny Thresa


  1. Sometimes i dont think it is possible. As a nanny you live someone else's life from 8-6 and then go home and are expected to resume your own life.

    Its a strange balance and no two days are the same... especially when it feels like your job is tied to little bosses and their parents

  2. I am a working nanny mom and wife as well and recently wrote a book called Working Mom's 411: How to Manage Kids, Career and Home. It may have some great tips for you. It comes down to managing expectations and giving away the things you don't have to do hands on. Guilt is mommyversal and just because you feel guilty, it doesn't mean you are guilty.

  3. Hello nanny this is you MOM !! You are doing a great Job!! I love you and I am so proud of you!