Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nanny and Family Matters: Why Every Nanny Needs a Family-Nanny Agreements: Get it in Writing

Nanny and Family Matters: Why Every Nanny Needs a Family-Nanny Agreements: Get it in Writing

Why Every Nanny Needs a Family-Nanny Agreements: Get it in Writing


1.It is the surest way to translate the job description that you thought you signed on for into a viable and binding agreement. Oral agreements are subject to future disagreements over what was said and what was promised. 

2.It is a professional gesture of good faith and intent on part of the employer and employee. An agreement separates the professional nanny from the baby-sitter and affirms the importance of the role. 

3.It is the only way to reduce confusion over a nanny’s responsibilities and privileges. A Family-Nanny agreement delineates and explains general areas of responsibility, specific duties, expectations, length of term, schedules, salary, benefits, vacation time, taxes, schedule meetings for nanny and employer, scheduled times for review of agreement , grounds for dismal, confidentiality clause, giving notice  and mechanics and timing of payments in writing. 

4.Having a written and signed agreement is a way of settling issues or questions that may come up in your relationship in a clear and professional way- the agreement is a support and a cushion to refer to when a dispute arises in many cases. A well written agreement protects both nanny and employer.

5.It is empowering giving a nanny job security and stability as articulated by written terms of agreement.

6.It confers precision and structure on what otherwise too often lapses into an informal and too friendly arrangement in which it becomes uncomfortable to give each other valuable feedback or raise the issues

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Available Jobs of the Week

Dear Nanny Candidates,

We are entering the busy season as so many families are lining up to hire new nannies. The demand is exceeding supply of nannies. We are eager to post some of our latest jobs and invite interested candidates to respond by emailing about interest in any of the positions.  Recruitment is our focus and we are looking for extremely experienced, dedicated professionals with passion for working with children in a home setting. 

Top Jobs of the Week

1. Dual Career Doctors in Beacon Hill Seek a full-time live-out Nanny JUNE
Their darling infant will be 3 months at the start date. The hours will be
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 7:45 am-6:30pm and Wednesdays 6am-5:30.
Fridays will be off.

They seek a very experienced, caring, reliable, responsible, dependable applicant with a sincere interest in being part of the growth and development of their child. Also important would be an effective communicator and experience with or training in early childhood development. Nanny should also be somewhat flexible as they are dual career doctor. Nanny will be treated with much respect and become a family member.

Responsibilities include daily care of baby, feedings, meal prep, changing of diapers, bath, nap schedule, developmentally appropriate and engaging play. These parents are not fans of TV or screen time and want the children to be actively engaged. 

The salary is $20-$22 an hour commensurate with experience. This is a super lovely family looking for  GREAT and a long term commitment. Nanny does not need a car. there are no pets.

2. Brookline- Full-time LO nanny needed for darling 3 month old boy. Start ASAP
Hours are M-F 8-6:00, sometimes 6:30

They seek an extremely experienced nanny with much infant and toddler experience. They also want a nanny who understands early childhood development, is engaging, caring, loving, proactive, safetly conscious and capable of coming up with appropriate outings and activities. Communication skills are also key as is passion for working with children.

Responsibilities include daily basic care routines, walks, to parks, read, play, and other appropriate baby activities. Also responsible for naps, food prep, baby laundry and keeping his areas picked up and clean

Salary is 18-22 and commensurate with experience. Nanny does not need a car. They are thinking of getting a dog in the future.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sorry for the Radio Silence

So sorry for the radio silence. We are back on the blog reaching out to nannies and families with the message that we are very much here and very much involved in continuing the tradition of placing passionate, experienced and highly dedicated professional nannies with kind, caring and respectful families with great job descriptions and reasonable expectations.

We are excited about the upcoming busy season and are blessed with the most incredibly qualified and wonderful professional nannies and great families. Now, more than ever is a time that the highest standards must be upheld as more and more people are turning to careers as nannies with the proper background, training or experience. It takes more than "love of children" to work as a nanny. We are so proud of the nannies we have placed through the years. We are also so pleased with the pool of current nannies we are working with. As a pioneer agency established in 1984 we are in it for the long term and know just how important our work is.

We will be posting many more posts and are excited about what we do, who we work with and the future of the in-home childcare movement. Nannies, thanks for all that you do and give.

Here's to a great season!!!


Marsha Epstein
American Nanny Company, Inc.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Dreaded Transition- Changing Nannies- What's a Parent to do?

For many families the transitioning of nannies is anxiety-provoking and complicated. It is inevitable that children (and parents) will become incredibly bonded to their caregivers and therefore experience an array of emotions as the dreaded departure date  approaches.  While many parents seek out long-term relationships with a nanny they are probably not anticipating just how painful the ending of a five, six, seven or even eight relationship can be.

One parent's reaction to the news that her nanny of five years would be leaving, "I felt like I was losing a limb."  This mother was  panic-stricken and concerned about the reality of finding a replacement half as valuable and half as perfect a fit for her family. Her question  "What shall I tell the children and when?" followed as I could sense the strain in her voice. She is not alone.

We at American Nanny Company, Inc.  are often asked for tips/suggestions on best ways of managing the transition for the children and the steps parents might take in easing the change.

  •  TIMING IS EVERYTHING-  Assess when it is best and how to break the news to your children. Take into consideration the departure date, the nanny's reason for leaving and the ages and temperaments of your children. Some parents even consult their pediatricians for advice on when and how to share the news.  It is best to give your children enough time to process the the upcoming transition  and to learn about the plan in place. 
  •  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND UNDERSTANDING OF THEIR FEELINGS/EMOTIONS IS CRITICAL-  Now is the time to encourage the expression of feelings and to let your child know that he/she can always talk about their feelings with you and your partner. Acknowledge the attachment/bond they have experienced with their nanny and let them know how it is normal/ok to be sad.  You might want to add that your nanny will also experience sadness and miss them too.  (Better to have loved and lost then to not love at all). Also clarify the role that the nanny played as a "partner" with you and your partner not as a surrogate parent. As parents, you are the constant in their lives and just like teachers there will be a change in nannies. Every ending leads to a new beginning. Also assure them that the nanny will continue to play some role in the lives of the family.
  • PARENTS AND NANNY NEED TO ASSURE CHILD/REN THAT IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT THAT THE NANNY IS LEAVING- Assure that the nanny is not leaving because of anything that they have done. 
  • INVOLVEMENT OF NANNY IN THE TRANSITION CAN BE VERY HELPFUL- Assuming that the relationship with the departing nanny has been a healthy one do consider having your nanny discuss the situation and their feelings with the children. She/he might stress that even though she/he is leaving their love for them is "forever." There should be reinforcement that although the relationship will change it will still persist albeit in a new form. Here is where the nanny/parents need to be honest and not over promise or raise expectations of children too high.   
  • OVERLAP OF OUTGOING AND INCOMING NANNY- works well when the outgoing nanny is on board with the choice and the role of introducing the new nanny to the kids, neighborhood and help walk them though...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Job Of The Day- October 2, 2013- Must Love to Play!

As September rolls into October our agency is fortunate to receive some incredible new positions.
From time to time we like to feature "our job of the day." We are pleased to present a job the most of us in the office think will be so much fun and so meaningful for the right nanny.

The parents are warm and friendly and have enjoyed an incredible relationship with an incredible nanny They hope to find another wonderful nanny for their three spirited children and  Two boys 4 and 6 and their 2 year old sister. The mom shared," an energetic Mary Poppins type would be perfect."  The start date would be November or September or could be earlier for the right candidate.

They seek a loving, nurturing nanny who enjoys being present, active with kids and able to stimulate and engage them in meaningful and developmentally appropriate activities. Responsibilities would include driving to and from school activities, helping the children get ready in the morning, taking them on outings to the park, museum, aquarium and engaging in arts and crafts. Also preparing their lunches and bathing them.

The schedule is M-f 7- 5:30 with some flexibility. These are really good kids who are healthy, curious, active, well behaved and respectful. A swimmer would be preferred as the family has a pool. They would also love to hire a nanny with a strong educational background who is willing to get out and do sports.

This will be such a rewarding job for a super nanny with lots of get up and go and experience. While this couple is dual career please note that the mom works part time and is in the home some but works very well with the nanny as a respected member of the team.

Salary is competitive with health insurance offered. Most critical is that the nanny be top-notch.

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's National Nanny Recognition Week Again! #NNRW

 September 13, 2013

Dear Employer,

Today marks the first day of National Nanny Recognition Day. Let this be the perfect opportunity to let your nanny know just how appreciated and respected they are.

NNRW was established in 1998 as a way to celebrate and recognize the many contributions and roles that professional nannies make and play in the increasingly complicated lives of their employer families. I recall the inauguration of this day and how families, nanny agencies and the mass media were encouraged to focus on the positive aspects of the in home childcare movement rather than on the negative portrayals of "nannies gone awry" popularized in movies and the press.  It also provided a time in which a family could spend time reflecting upon all that their nannies do for the children, parents and helping the household run smoothly.

Now is the time... a great time to let our nannies know just how much and what they mean to us. It is time to give thanks for their ongoing care, dedication, insights, patience, understanding, flexibility, developmental knowledge, and engagement that they give on a daily basis.

Suggestion for ways to celebrate and express our appreciation: 

1. Include children by helping them make a special gift, card, hand printed mug or personalized framed picture of the child and nanny together.

2. A great time to give your nanny a contribution to a gym, or museum membership.

3. A day at the Spa is always a wonderful way to say thank you to your ever nurturing and tireless nanny.

4. Membership in the INA  (International Nanny Association) or offering a paid trip to a Nanny Palooza Event is a wonderful way to support the professional development of your nanny. Also contributing to tuition for relevant coursework is very appreciated. Supporting ongoing educational and professional education is a win-win for your nanny and your family.

5. Have a very special family dinner together at which your nanny is honored.

6. Treat your nanny to a concert, sports event or dinner at a favorite restaurant.

7. A gift card to a favorite store is always a huge hit.

8. Great time to look at an upgrade in benefits or a salary increase based upon their good performance and meeting of expectations.

9. An additional paid day off or paid vacation week is another way of saying thanks.

These are very general suggestions. Perhaps you will come up with something more fitting for your nanny.